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Welcome to Tandoori Bites where culinary excellence meets warm hospitality.At Tandoori Bites, we are passionate about food. Our talented team of skilled chefs takes great pride in crafting a menu that showcases the finest ingredients, both locally sourced and globally inspired.

We believe in the power of food to bring people together, and we strive to create dishes that are not only visually stunning but also a delight to the taste buds.

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Chicken dum biryani is made by layering fragrant basmati rice over chicken marinated in a rich, delicious mix of spices and yogurt.

Golden fried cheese and vegetable dumplings served in a creamy sauce flavesed with exotic flavorful spicy paste of ground nuts and herbs with coconuts and cashew.

Goat dum biryani is made by layering fragrant basmati rice over goat marinated in a rich, delicious mix of spices and yogurt.

Creamy saffron, sauce Vierge

Indo-Chinese dish made with wisps of vegetables formed into dumplings and dunked into a sauce with a gorgeous interplay of hot, sweet, sour and salty flavors.

Indian Breakfast flatbreads made with whole wheat flour, boiled potatoes, spices & herb.

Indian scrambled Eggs served with Plain Parantha


Indian Breakfast made with flattened rice, onions, spices, herbs, lemon juice & peanuts.

Spiced tangy chickpea curry and Served with Bhatura which is a very soft and fluffy fried leavened bread.

Upma is a wholesome Indian dish made with dry semolina or rice flour, cooked into a thick porridge.

Delicious Indian street food of crisp potato tikki loaded with curd, chutney, and spices.

Papri chaat is a traditional street snack found all over India, with crunchy, soft, and fluffy textures, all smothered in tangy, sweet, and hot chutneys

We have Aloo, Palak, Onion, Paneer, mixed veg fritters. Pakoras are vegetarian and gluten free Indian fritters that are deep fried and served with chutney.

Pastry with a savory filling, including ingredients such as potatoes, onions and peas.

Paneer Tikka is a North Indian appetizer where chunks of paneer are marinated in spiced yogurt and grilled in a Tandoor, a traditional clay oven

CChicken marinated in yogurt, Kashmiri red chili powder, fresh ginger-garlic, garam masala, and then grilled to perfection !

Citrus, wild rocket condiment

Boneless chicken breast cubes marinated in malai (cream), cheese, mildly seasoned with herbs and spices

Made with Lamb and Chicken, marinated with traditional Spicy yogurt grilled in tandoor. Note: Fish and Shrimp can be added with additional cost

These spicy lamb seekh kebabs are seasoned with green chili paste, spices, mint, cilantro and ginger. Delicious with a salad, mint chutney, and naan.

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We’d love to hear from you! Whether you have a question about our menu, want to provide feedback, or need assistance with an order. Contact us via phone or simply drop by our restaurant. Your dining experience and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to connecting with you!

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